Celebrating the 50th year of Singapore’s independence, the Global Eye Programme presents Singapore Eye, the first major exhibition dedicated to Singapore’s contemporary art scene, held in partnership with ArtScience Museum

The exhibition is the latest show in the Global Eye Programme, an initiative aimed at nurturing artistic talent. A showcase of 17 local artists exploring their history, culture, environment and fiction, Singapore Eye will also be supported by a comprehensive publication of over 60 local artists.   

Singapore Eye is also part of Singapore's Art Week in January 2015, which includes a range of fairs, events and exhibitions, that collectively emphasise Singapore's growing prominence as a contemporary art destination.  After its presentation at ArtScience Museum in Singapore, the exhibition will travel to the world-renowned Saatchi Gallery in London, significantly raising the profile of Singapore's visual arts scene on a global stage.

Join us on 17 January 2015 as we bring to light a new & exciting art scene in Singapore.

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