Ho Tzu Nyen
Singapore , 1976
Ho Tzu Nyen earned a BA in creative arts from Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, Australia (2001), and an MA in Southeast Asian studies from the National University of Singapore (2007). In 2014, he will embark on a one year DAAD Artist-in-Residency in Berlin. He works primarily in film, video, and performance, developing recent works into environmental multimedia installations. He has also written extensively on art. Ho appropriates the structures of epic myths to invoke their grandeur as well as to reveal these narratives as fiction- and reality-machines. They are not merely stories, but discursive processes. Ho is particularly concerned with those moments when the present imagines and invents the past in order to serve its own exigencies. These conditions are especially salient with regard to Singapore, established as an independent nation in 1965, whose culture is embedded with historical amnesia of the time before 19th-century British colonization. A desire to redress the country’s unaccounted history accompanies the rise of nationalism concurrent with Singapore’s economic development.
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The Bohemian Rhapsody Project
Video , 6 min 52 sec , 2006