The Eye Zone is a curated selection of works by 17 contemporary artists from Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. These South-East Asian countries all have thriving art scenes and the exhibition features works that range across video and digital art, installation, sculpture, painting and photography.

A poetic sensibility runs through many of these exhibits, from the constantly shifting imagery of ‘Flowers and People –Dark’ by Japanese Collective teamLab to the towering scuplture of Korean artist Seokyoung Kang through to the almost abstract paintings of Indonesian painter Christine Ay Tjoe. In other works, notably by Singaporean artist Donna Ong and Indonesian artist Bagus Pandega, lo-fi technology is harnessed to evocative ends. Social and political issues are subtly raised in the photographs of Malaysian artist Sherman Ong and more directly addressed in the work of Japanese artists Chim↑Pom.

The Eye Zone, co-curated by Honor Harger, Serenella Ciclitira, YoungJoo Lee and Korean musician T.O.P. demonstrates the diversity of contemporary art being made in Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. The exhibition invites viewers to tease out both links between the works of artists from these countries as well as different local inflections and nuances.