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Prudential Singapore Eye : Our "Cultural Renaissance"
17/01/2015 by POPSPOKEN

Visitors to ArtScience Museum will now be able to see the strength of Singapore contemporary arts scene. The Prudential Singapore Eye, which opens today (17 January 2015), is our local adaptation of the highly successful Prudential Eye Programme, and a key highlight of Singapore Art Week in January 2015.

Prudential Singapore Eye is one of the largest surveys of Singapore’s contemporary art scene to date, with over 40 works on display. These works were shortlisted from a stringent selection process of over 110 entries.

Curated by Serenella Ciclitira (Founder, Prudential Eye Programme), Honor Harger (Executive Director, ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore), Nigel Hurst (CEO, Saatchi Gallery, London) and Tan Boon Hui (Group Director of Programmes, National Heritage Board, Singapore), the exhibition explores a myriad of contemporary themes including identity, history, fiction, as well as personal and national narratives.

Prudential Singapore Eye aims to foster greater appreciation of Singapore’s visual arts both locally and internationally. Several notable artists including Charles Lim, Ho Tzu Nyen, Jane Lee and Jeremy Sharma not only have an international following but have also represented Singapore at numerous international biennales, such as Venice Biennale, Shanghai Biennale and Liverpool Biennale.
Like most museum exhibitions or art galleries, the symbolic meaning of the art works often stretch beyond the constraints of the museum’s four walls. Through its arresting and artistic cultural expressions, they beg the visitor for greater consideration and awareness of intangible realities, societal issues and our environment.

Particularly, Prudential Singapore Eye seeks to re-define the idea of the Singapore contemporary art scene. Through the over-arching theme of the “Urban”, it serves as a nudge to our cosmopolitan society to truly consider contemporary art as a reflection of Singapore culture, instead of typically neglecting the power it possesses.

Purported as a leading example of Singapore’s cultural renaissance, the Prudential Singapore Eye also wishes to convey a message that Singapore’s contemporary arts scene is dynamically changing and should no longer be limited to local inspirations in order to be deemed “local” or “Singaporean”. More often than not, contemporary artists in Singapore are globe-trotters, and have found their artistic expressions through the various cultures they come into contact with.

Since Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, it is no surprise to find the Singapore contemporary arts scene is shifting to suit the tastes of a regional or intentional audience, instead of being confined to the likes of Singapore alone. Beyond Singapore, the Prudential Singapore Eye highlights new art in Asia and provides a unique showcase for artists emerging in Singapore to bring their work to the attention of a wider international audience.

Professor Chan Heng Chee, Chairman of the National Arts Council, Singapore said: “The Prudential Singapore Eye is a strong reminder that Singapore is a vibrant art destination and hub– a “must visit” stop globally.”


Prudential Eye Singapore runs from 17 Jan through 28 June 2015. Adult tickets are priced at $13 ($9 for residents). Free entry on every first Monday of each month, starting 2 February. For more ticketing promotions and information, please visit