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This project at ArtScience Museum
24/02/2015 by AwayInStyle

This project at Art Science Museum

February 24, 2015 

Singapore Eye book 

In another first for Singapore’s art scene, 62 Singaporean artists and their works will also be documented in a book, Singapore Eye: Contemporary Singapore Art. Edited by Serenella Ciclitira, the book aims to be a visual reference publication and a key resource on Singapore’s contemporary art. To further promote arts education, over 300 copies of Singapore Eye will be donated to local schools, institutes and libraries. 

Speaking of the latest Eye book, Serenella Ciclitira commented: “I very much hope and believe that the book accompanying the exhibition will provide a long-lasting legacy for curators, researchers, students and artists long after Singapore Eye finishes its run. It’s been a really rewarding experience discovering and presenting the work of artists from this exciting new art scene.” 

Exhibits by Prudential Eye Awards nominees 

Exhibited as part of Prudential Singapore Eye, from 17 January to 31 March, are works from 18 most promising Asian artists who are nominated for the second edition of Prudential Eye Awards. While the former exhibition focuses in depth on the profile of Singaporean artists, the latter explores the works of artists who work across Asia and are on the cusp of gaining a significant international profile through the Prudential Eye Programme. These artists will be vying for the highly sought-after prize of ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’, to be determined at the Prudential Eye Awards Ceremony on 20 January 2015. 

Prudential Singapore Eye mobile application 

An informative Prudential Singapore Eye mobile application is also specially developed to provide visitors with more information about each artist and their artwork. The free application, “Singapore Eye”, can be downloaded from the iTunes and Google Play from 23 January. 

Free entry 

In a first such initiative at ArtScience Museum, visitors can enjoy free entry to the exhibition every first Monday of each month, starting 2 February. This is made possible with support from Prudential. In addition, pre-booked school groups including pre-schools, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, can also visit Prudential Singapore Eye (for self-guided tour only) for free, beginning 19 January. These initiatives are aimed to further engage school going children as well as the public and raise their awareness about the outstanding work created by the local art community 

Creative Education Programme 

Complementing the exhibition will be an education programme developed by the British Council in unison with Prudential and ArtScience Museum, which will reach out to secondary school students, teachers and tertiary education institutions. 

Highlights of the Opening Weekend (17 and 18 January) 

During the exhibition’s opening weekend, visitors will get the opportunity to hear from one of the curators, Honor Harger as she will be conducting a complimentary guided tour for Prudential Singapore Eye.

Curator Guided Tour (Beginning at the first gallery of Prudential Singapore Eye): 17 Jan, 3pm: Conducted by Honor Harger Artists at Work 

Visitors who wish to discover how artists work behind-the-scenes to put together an exhibition, two of the Prudential Eye Awards nominees, Hannah Bertram and Mithu Sen, will be putting on the final touches on their site-specific installations in situ during the opening weekend. 

For more information on additional programming for Prudential Singapore Eye and ticket prices, please visit